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Event Details

Wild Unicorns is a sex-positive, kink-positive, body-positive pop-up play space that welcomes womxn and all people of the whole spectrum of queerness who are interested in co-creating a mellow, sensual and chill evening in our drug-free, safe(r) play space that allows for everyone to be engaged and have fun. Less talk, more feels, baby.

You are encouraged to be the wild unicorn you always wanted to be and come as you feel the most empowered and alive. Dress up or not. Be yourself or slip into a role. We wish to create a play space that allows you to let your walls down, be comfortable, feel into your desires and allow them to develop.

We will create spaces for all kinds of interactions in the house and guide you towards a (con)sensual, erotic and fun night.

What we offer:

• an open play space that also includes more intimate spaces for your play and fun

• cushions, mats, mattresses, sofas

• a kitchen/bar with non-alcoholic drinks, teas, snacks and ceremonial cacao

• bathrooms with shower

• hanging points/bamboo/rings for your shibari fun

• a massage area

• a lounge area


How it works:

• 8pm-9pm arrival, after that the doors are closed

• 9pm ceremonial beginning that allows for consent exercises and getting to know others and feeling safe and welcome

• 9.45pm play space is open for delicious play and interactions


Not allowed in the house:

• scat play

• wax play / open fire of any kind

• glitter

• we are a “no shoes” space


What to bring:

• Bring yourself

• an open mind & an empathetic heart

toys / ropes / etc.

• a towel


What else?

Introverted and/or not sure? Message us at info@karada-house.de or on our social media channels so we can see what we can do for you.


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