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Polyamory and kink have two main things in common:

1. They have the potential to provide you with a huge variety of relationship dynamics that can fulfill your longings to the fullest.

2. They can be unexpectedly complicated to navigate. A challenge that requires communication, tempered with trust and mutual respect.

As emotional dynamics interact and collide with kink dynamics, wants and needs of multiple people come into focus with unspoken wishes revealing themselves, desiring to be seen. Relationships that are both poly and kinky can develop complexities, ripple effects and dependencies that each individual strives decode or had not seen in the first place, let alone on the horizon.

So what to do? How to navigate the intricacy of these combined dynamics and make it a garden full of open expression and kink?

Caritia & Mamana are both in long term, polyamorous connections with a variety of lovely people, that include diverse dynamics and kinks. Together they will share, as well as hold space for a group, who describes themselves or self identify as being curious about, fully into or working on a kinky, poly or combined link to both.

Proposed topics for discussion:

• relationship constructs
• intersectional dynamics that can develop in poly-kinky relationships
• possibilities to navigate complex relationship constructs
• how to cherish and thrive within these relationships
how to create intersectional dynamics that benefit everyone
• boundaries
• communication techniques (for before and after things go wrong)
• informative anecdotes

Each will share a little about what brought them to this place in their dynamics, with their aim to hold space for a discussion of the different aspects, personal experiences and thoughts on this complex, emotional and intersectional subject (and group).

What to know:

This class is a discussion and exchange of knowledge.

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