Online Class - Self Care Ritual with Caritia (Mixed)

30may19:3021:30Online Class - Self Care Ritual with Caritia (Mixed)Event Over19:30 - 21:30 FacilitatorCaritiaCategorybody work,spiritual


(Saturday) 19:30 - 21:30





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For this workshop we are going to come together and create physical / embodied rituals that are tailor made for you, with our entry point being self kink practice led.

Caritia will guide participants to finding rituals which work for you.You are invited to create a nurturing environment to explore in – whether that is your bedroom or another space that would feel most comfortable in. In preparation for this 2 hour ritual, everyone is asked to have the following things with them –

  1. Know your date of birth
  2. Choose a favourite colour
  3. Pen & Paper
  4. A portrait of yourśelf that you like
  5. A candle / tealight
  6. A representation of the 5 elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Metal
  7. Know the four directions within your space – North, South East West

Everyone is encouraged to bring any other items they would like to have around for self body play – suggestions tennis ball, a brush, rope, cuddly toy, feathers, flowers.

The aim of this ritual session is to give participants ways to physical, emotionally and mentally reconnect through self/solo practices. Join us for connection, grounding and fun on our password protected Jitsi channel. After you have purchased your ticket you will receive a mail with the log in details.

Everyone is welcome to join, no matter your gender, sexuality, cultural background, age, ability, location.

Note: To those from the queer and / or marginalized community, with your purse strings tightly closed do drop us a message via, we do not wish to exclude you.



About Caritia: lives as an LGBTQAI+, gender-fluid, BiPoC (assigned female at birth) individual. Walking a path with invisible disabilities and the living challenges which accompany that life. Educator, creative and ongoing work in process, whose advocacy for establishing boundaries is as strong as the desire to love with truth and honesty. On a quiet mission to destigmatise difference and return power to each individual. Using the language of kink to the point of geeky excitement. Caritia’s fascination with the root/the body stems from a longing too deeply ‘listen’ to (her) body holistically, from the inside out.

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