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Our world is changing – and so are we. In times of transition, no matter if they are on a societal or personal level, uncertainty about the future can be one of the most draining factors of these periods. Additionally, in times like these, we seem to experience also our inner struggles, deficits, and pain more intensively, which makes us feel even more helpless.

Viktor Frankl said, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” We cannot escape the world or the experiences that shaped who we are today, but we can imagine and work towards a future in which we become “active makers of ourselves” (Karl Popper).

However, even people that have been practicing self-awareness and development techniques still struggle to fully move past a compromised self-image or challenging personality traits. They might know what they want to move away from but they have nothing to move towards. And as with any phase of transition, the Unknown is much worse than a known state of discomfort and so development stagnates. To mature and grow as a person it is not only important, to be honest about how you are. To experience self-efficacy and become resilient even in challenging times, it is crucial to be
able to define where you are going. Or in this case: Who you want to be.

We all tell ourselves a unique story about who we are. Parts of this story have been written by others, some derive from our own experiences and many are expressions of our values and beliefs. This story about who you are can be a source of strength and happiness, as well as the origin of the pain, doubt, and fear you might experience. But it also outlines the borders of your world. Limiting what you can experience in this life to the confines of your story. But what if you could experience the world around you from a different perspective? What if you could become the person you want to be by altering your story? By creating what Cicero called a “second-self”?

The question is: How? We will try to offer an answer to this question by illustrating how immersive role-playing experiences can be a powerful tool to integrate a second-self into our lives and use it as a
tool for personal growth.


Viktoria and Sandra are two of the three founders of THE EREBUS PROJECT. Our mission is to enable people to venture into a unique exploration of their personalities. We guide our clients into uncharted territory and help them expand their personal horizons. We create unique and immersive experiences specifically designed based on our client’s personal story with the goal to help them discover … what lies beneath. We believe change starts with self-responsibility. We are a team of psychologists, executive coaches, and passionate role-players. After years of practice and our personal explorations, we’ve realized that transformational role-play has the power to help people grow, take ownership of their lives and become more mature and interesting personalities. Therefore, we aim to bring the best of two worlds together and create immersive role-play experiences designed for personal transformation.

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