Online Class - Feng Shui Your Isolation

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So, great. We’re all stuck at home or somewhere else with quite some time on our hands.

Time for cabin fever. But before you do, let’s feng shui the fuck out of your cabin. We’ll work with the main principles of feng shui and use them in the most practical, quarantine-friendly way. No need to go out, no need to buy stuff to make this work. Let’s pimp up your living situation with simple fixes that will make you feel better. Or at least keep you busy for a bit.

(Ever wondered, why Karada House feels so cozy and warm despite being an old stable? We feng shui’ed the hell out of Karada House, that’s why!)

This online class will:

• give you a short and practical introduction to the ideas of feng shui

• will go through all major ideas of the four corners/directions, colours, elements

• will help you analyze your room

• we will make small adjustments in real time

• we will talk about how you can implement other changes

• we will crowdsource quick fixes

If you cannot afford this class, feel free to message us at:


Mamana (they/them)

Mamana (they/them) is an artist and academic currently working with and exploring the body not only as a physical entity but also as a means to create and subvert meaning beyond the standard concepts of identity and restrictive societal norms of what bodies should look and be like, what they are allowed to do and what no.

They curate spaces from an intersectional, trauma-sensitive, and no-bullshit perspective, aiming to always include the bigger picture into the personal struggles, thoughts, and ideas.

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