Online Class - Change and Loss (Mixed)

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Dealing with change and loss – we all do it. All of the time.
In pandemic times we are confronted with a huge amount of change and loss on both personal levels and globally.

Mourning as a cultural skill or a community practice is often neglected or denied. Mourning is absolutely essential for our well being and our ability to adapt and transform when change and loss happen.
Mourning is super personal, and yet it is something that can connect us when we dare to show a glimpse or a huge wave of it. Mourning needs witness. Mourning also needs movement so it can contract and expand and does not get stuck in our bodies.

For some of us, just attending online events is so new and sometimes uncomfortable that it can bring out feelings of grief and and sorrow.

Let us be aware of that when we meet online and make time for feelings of grief, of sadness, of loss and maybe of feeling abandoned.
Let us be aware that holding each other and the feeling of being held and truly seen is difficult online.
This is why we will start with exercises that centre and ground and resource us.
These exercises are very simple breathing and body awareness techniques as well as working with images in our minds.

There will be some teaching about mourning and grief related to death, break ups, changes in our bodies, trauma, and ongoing oppression and injustice.

And finally there will be a sharing circle that invites you to talk about your own experiences with mourning and loss.

What to know:

This class a hands-on workshop that you can do alone or with a partner/partners.

The class is an online class. After the purchase of your ticket, you will get an e-mail with the login information for Jitsi Meet. If you don’t, please check your spam and then send a message to If you cannot afford this class even with the soli ticket option, you can also message us.


Emma Steel

Emma Steel is interested in communication experiments that break conventions, in humour and in how we can become closer to our own inner biests while remaining professional or true to who you want to be. In her workshops she finds it important for everyone to make mistakes and ask stupid questions, thereby making communal learning possible.

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