Performance-Installation: JEJUNUM by Anna Natt

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Event Details

In Jejunum we will embark on a sensory journey through the gastrointestinal tract and experience the visual and aural experiences of the mouth, esophagus, stomach and the coiled beast within, the intestines.

This performance-installation takes shape as a chimeric choreography that draws from the science of the enteric nervous system and draws from the aesthetics of myriad intestinal manifestations of monsters from folklore such as the Krasue, Nyogoth or the Kraken.

Five performers wearing pink latex navigate through a video installation that celebrates the sphincter. Immerse yourself into the world of Jejunum – a world you have never seen before and will likely never see again in the way that artist Anna Natt is imagining it. Trust your gut on this one.

What will happen:

This performance-installation will take over the entire house and you are invited to come along and walk into the world of Jejunum and immerse yourself. No interaction is necessary, just come, enjoy and experience.

What to know:

This is a walk-in performance-installation. Doors open at 7pm and close at 9.30pm. You can come and join during this period of time and walk through Jejunum at your own will, pace and according to your gut feelings.


artist biography Anna Natt:

Anna Natt’s work explores the intersection of flamenco and performance art. She was trained in traditional flamenco dance in Seville, Spain from before moving to Berlin, where she is currently based. Although originally trained as a flamenco dancer, she draws inspiration from various somatic and contemporary practices. Using this method, she attempts to cultivate a deeper understanding of the body and its nuances. A connection to trance and dream states is also a central theme in her work. Explorations and work within the sex positive community in Germany and abroad have informed her performance work over the past few years, cultivating an interest in the dialectics of intimacy and how this hidden undercurrent manifests itself in our daily lives.



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