ONLINE CLASS - Body Ritual - A comprehensive introduction (mixed)

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Bodily Boundaries

From the perspective of devoted body art practitioners, a discussion intended to question current assumptions about the skin boundary. Beginning in the ether of concepts pertaining to what we mean when we talk about individuals, from “pre-modern” cosmologies to modern societies. We will open a discussion about a paradigmatic shift ushered in by current events and offer some practical considerations for how to take care of our communal “selves”.

This is the the first in a series of presentations which are all based on Body Ritual.

In the months following this introductory lecture, workshops will be offered that will delve deeper into the topics in which the community is most interested.

Luna Duran was born in the Bolivian Andes, educated in the United States, and is currently living in Berlin. Luna is devoted to the spiritual practice of Body Piercing and Hook Suspension. She has documented many of her personal rituals and ritual performances through the visual fine arts in collaboration with several artists around the world. She was given the title of “Extreme Ritual Performer” by her mentor and her mentor’s life partner before her mentor’s passing. Luna has been a professional body piercer for 13 years, being heavily involved in hook suspension for the last 9. She is also a lecturer on Body Art, speaking at events like APP (Association of Professional Piercers) in the United States, APPE (Association de Perforadores Professionales España) in Spain, UKAPP (United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers) in the UK, as well as Wave Gotik Treffen and BMXNET (Body Modification eXchange Network) in Germany.


Ivy Eigentum was born in California, educated in the United States where she earned a Masters Degree in Education from a University in Southern California, and is currently living in Berlin. Ivy is passionate and enthusiastic about all things related to Hook Suspension and has documented what she has learned in order to assist others and grow as a practitioner. She has been given the title “Queen of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)” by many long-standing practitioners in the hook suspension community due to her devotion to safe practices and her mindfulness of cross contamination. Ivy has been a hook suspension practitioner for the last 9 years. She has traveled often during this time learning from other practitioners to advance her knowledge and skills. Some of the events she has attended in the past are APP (Association of Professional Piercers) in the United States, Oslo Suspension Convention in Norway, Dallas Suspension Convention in Texas, Mecca in Nebraska, Resurrection Rites in California, Hang You in Spain, as well as BMXnet in Germany.


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