Art of the Spiritual – Tarot Basics: The Future doesn't exist (yet) (mixed)

11oct19:3022:30Art of the Spiritual – Tarot Basics: The Future doesn't exist (yet) (mixed)Event OverCancelled19:30 - 22:30 Categoryspiritual


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How do you think tarot works?

How many times have you been curious about asking them a question or have you been wondering if there’s some kind of “destiny” in our lives that is waiting to be revealed by them? Personally, I am a skeptical person, and I don’t believe in too much mysticism. Or maybe I do.

When I take the tarot deck in my hands what they tell me is something that I already know, but that most of the times I cannot see, or I can’t or don’t want to admit.

In this basic workshop I will give you some fundamental knowledge about how to see yourself reflected into the tarot archetypes using some concrete views and schemes. Just leave any kind of prejudices behind you, step into this workshop and be ready to see and feel with different eyes.

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