Art of the Spiritual - New Moon in October (Queers & Womxn)

22oct19:3022:30Art of the Spiritual - New Moon in October (Queers & Womxn)Event Over19:30 - 22:30 FacilitatorCaritiaCategoryspiritual


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You are invited to join Caritia in preparing for October’s New Moon.

Libra season draws to a close, and the next New Moon 28 October will be at the start of Scorpio season, its reflection is Taurus. In preparation for its arrival Caritia will offer ideas & tools to bring participants into focus with the shifts of energy within ourselves. Its purpose to activate body awareness on all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual.

• What shifts can you make?
• Are you looking to manifest or release?

A general rule of thumb is to release through New Moons (empty) and fill during Full Moons (full), however this does not follow in all cases, so you must decide what fits for yourself and your energy.

• Are there shadows you wish to look at?
• Would it be best to sit in the fire of a situation?

Face and reflect upon it.

• What nuggets of wisdom are waiting to be discovered?

• Would being witnessed by others help your process?
• Would you like to work within group energy?
• What would be healthy and nourishing to manifest into your life?
• What tools and ideas would you like to use for this cycle?

Caritia will hold space and guide this circle, giving space to individual processes to flourish, on to paths of their own choosing. Inspiring the creation of small, medium and large rituals that carry forward into day to day life and practices. With space to reflect, create, draw, write, mind map and empower each person who joins the circle. Ready yourself to be witnessed, seen, vulnerable and captivating under the energy of the dark side of the Moon.

The structure for these gatherings will be :

• Opening Meditation
• Introduction
• What are your potential tools, with examples?
• Creative exercises – where to draw inspiration from? What type of work do I wish to do? And with who?

This will be a mixture of hands on work and discussion.



About Caritia: lives as an LGBTQAI+, gender-fluid, BiPoC (assigned female at birth) individual. Walking a path with invisible disabilities and the living challenges which accompany that life. Educator, creative and ongoing work in process, whose advocacy for establishing boundaries is as strong as the desire to love with truth and honesty. On a quiet mission to destigmatise difference and return power to each individual. Using the language of kink to the point of geeky excitement. Caritia’s fascination with the root/the body stems from a longing too deeply ‘listen’ to (her) body holistically, from the inside out.

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