Art of Movement - Introduction to Bogus Yoga (mixed)

02sep19:3021:00Art of Movement - Introduction to Bogus Yoga (mixed)Introduction19:30 - 21:00 Categorybody work


(Monday) 19:30 - 21:00





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Welcome to movement at Karada House!

This experimental movement class, run by Rebecca, draws inspiration from traditional hatha yoga and gaga dance. A yoga class without the dogma and with an experimental twist.  It is an individual practice for self-exploration, physical well-being and relaxation.

Structured much like a yoga asana practice, Rebecca will guide you through a series of movements, postures and meditations to lead you deep inside your body, with the aim to connect you to your body’s own rhythm and intuitive movement.

It serves an introductory class for the workshop taking place later in September, where we will explore intuitive physical expression through breath, sound and movement.

This is a personal practice. Yoga mats are provided. Please bring warm clothes for the relaxation if it is cold.


15 Euros, drop-in class

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