Art of Kink - Find Your Kink(s) Retreat (queers & womxn)

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February 29 (Saturday) 11:00 - March 1 (Sunday) 18:00



Event Details

The world of kink is large and bountiful. Time to explore it!

Find Your Kinks is a weekend retreat for everyone who would like to go on a deep and fun exploration of themselves and their sexuality. We offer you a safe and completely judgement free space to slowly explore the world of BDSM in its many facets and find the things you like and love.

Together with three very experienced kinksters, Caritia, Mamana & René de Sans, we will deep dive not only into the WHAT’s & HOW’s of Kink but also the WHY’s. What lies underneath your desires? How can you explore them in a safe and fulfilling way?


What will happen in this retreat:

– introduction round and meditation

– boundaries, consent & communication

– exploring many different areas of BDSM in details (e.g. D/s dynamics, impact play, bondage…)

– processing sensation, playing safely and getting the most out of it

– processing emotions, allowing yourself to let go and be your kinky self

– exploring kink(s) as sensual, sexual, psychological, bodily experiences

– aftercare


What you need to know:

This event will create a space judgement free space for you to explore. We will try out many different kinks. However, at no point are you required to or will be coerced into participating in anything that you do not want to try. We also have an extra room to take yourself out and chill or process at any time. If you have any questions or concerns, please mail us at

Can’t afford this event (even with the soli ticket)? Feel free to write us and we see what we can do.


What to bring:

– comfortable clothes

– a towel, your own foods/lunch & your favorite chocolate or sweet (we have drinks & snacks available)

– anything related to the kink(s) you’d like to explore (items, clothing etc.)

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