Art of Connection - Cacao & Rope (mixed)

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Ceremonial cacao is a gentle connection and partnership facilitator. For some it’s the chocolate deva, a divine goddess that visits you and opens your heart and allows your walls to gently get lowered, allowing feelings to emerge. For others it’s the theobromine that pure cacao contains which gently changes the way you feel and connect to others. Either way, ceremonial cacao has wonderful qualities that help you to open up, relax and feel yourself and others in a different way.

Shibari can also be a wonderful facilitator of connection allowing you to let go and connect with your partner in many ways, whether it’s on the floor or in the air, dynamic like ichinawa (one-rope) practices or more static and contained.

Together we will indulge in a sensual, warm and gentle evening of cacao & rope, enhanced by the warm and safe environment of Karada House, some essential oils and meditation.

Mamana will lead you through a small cacao ceremony. After you have indulged in the “food of the gods”, Caritia will guide you into a rope session that will allow you to get closer, open up and enjoy a wonderful evening.

What you need to know:

Do not eat huge meals the day of the event.

Avoid spicy foods, alcohol during the day before the ceremony.

Drinks lots of water as cacao can be dehydrating.

If you are pregnant, on antidepressants or anti-psychotics [SSRI’s], have low blood pressure, liver conditions or are prone to migraines, cacao might not be for you. You can try a lower dosage on your own risk, if you wish or just enjoy the event with a refined cacao drink for warmth and comfort.

What you need to bring:

Bring yourself, ropes and comfortable clothing. You can bring a partner (who needs a separate ticket) if you wish. However, bringing a partner is not a requirement.


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