Tech Dump Part V: Hip Hip Hooray!

The details and mechanics of technical suspension are Addie’s specialty and passion. Over the past 6 years, she has amassed a wide, varied repertoire of suspension experience, with a heavy emphasis on tying different people with different preferences and adapting ties to people rather than the other way around. Pre-pandemic, she taught TheSpace’s Techie Tuesdays, a weekly series that focused on how and why ties work the way they do, helping participants to build a working, functional knowledge of tying for suspension.

This progressive series will be heavy on understanding rather than memorization, on technical details (why something works in situation A but not B, how it can be adapted for B) and on personalization. We will examine everything from hitches to hip rotations, with the goal of achieving smooth rope and body handling, predicting and preventing trouble spots, and staying one step ahead of necessity.

The goal is not to arrive at a particular visual end result, but to use all our skills and knowledge to create ties and situations that make the person in ropes happy, however their ‘happy’ manifests.

Tech Dump Part V: Hip Hip Hooray! 

This session will focus on the varied uses of the Chaos Hip Harness (aka the Locally Euclidean, or the Differential Geometry, or the Hitches Harness). This harness has as many uses as it has names, and is also the most comfortable that Addie has ever encountered. We will look at what is required for a harness to work, how loading and balance affect function, and to the ways that we can use a harness to move someone, rather than just supporting them. We will venture into the air twice, with two very different outcomes. No TK required, this session will look at general rules and possibilities of structure rather than a set tie. However, good suspension line knowledge is a must if taking to the sky.

The recordings will be available for streaming until December 31th, 2021 on our website. They are not downloadable.

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