Ranboo Style

Ranboo, literally translated means stormy, overwhelming, wild.

About 10 years ago, Barkas developed Ranboo as a way of rejecting a static and often seemingly boring practice of rope bondage. A wild dance while tying with each other is the result.
Ranboo is characterized by a large amplitude of variation of distance, speed, and intensity, paired with an element of surprise. It is not a set of patterns or a “visual goal” but a way of interacting
with your partner(s) through rope, a specific interview type, if you want.

In this 3-parts workshop series, Barkas and Addie will accompany the participants through the principles, applications, and variations of Ranboo, while keeping a strong focus on safety.

Disclaimer: The highly dynamic nature of ranboo comes with the potential of greater risk for injuries. We strongly recommend participants to watch the series in order and only practice exercises from the latter parts if they have proficiency in the basic techniques.

The recordings will be available for streaming until December 31th, 2021 on our website. They are not downloadable.

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