Introduction into Self Suspension

Self suspension presents a different set of challenges and rewards than partner suspension. The ability to push, play, experiment, and tailor is countered by different leverage, drains on strength and stamina, challenging rope handling techniques, and a compromised ability to respond to the unexpected. This class starts with the basics of self suspension, from line management to common ‘oops’ spots to practice exercises, building up to a simple, versatile, highly adaptable self suspension sequence, not based around a hip harness (though one can be added).

The workshop will cover safety considerations, equipment, and common trouble spots, uplines, locking techniques, moving in the air, emergency exits, troubleshooting and tailoring.

This is a demo-style class, with several simple exercises that can be tailored to the individual. The goal is to compare options, and provide the tools for people to be able to find what works for them.

The recordings will be available for streaming until December 31th, 2021 on our website. They are not downloadable.

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