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Creating Safe(r) Spaces

What are safe(r) spaces? Why are they needed and how can you benefit from them?

How amazing would it be if you could create spaces for growth. In this workshop/lab Caritia will aim to find practical solutions on and around the topic of creating space and what might constitute a safe(r) space for individuals but also communities. This peer to peer resarch lab is for everyone who wishes to share more about space and finding understanding around what that means for you.

We understand space to be a physical entity that is in existence, including one’s own body, or an imagined place which someone wishes to bring into being. Together we will write, draw and create spaces we wish to dive into, by sharing what makes each of us feel safe alone, with an intimate connection and within a larger group context.

Caritia will offer systems and loose structures by which participants can then build what would be safe(r) space for themselves and those they wish to interact with.

The recordings will be available for streaming until December 31th, 2021 on our website. They are not downloadable.

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