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Adding time: Relationships* and Longevity/ies

Polyamory provides many possibilities and freedom, and also many precious teachings, like that relationships* are manyfold and their quality not measured by their duration. Still, what happens with the adding of the sand-grains of time? Change is the only thing constant in life, right?

In this workshop we try – hopefully together, within the limitations of the electronic platform – to list some of the possible developments, pitfalls, joys and possible ways to address them. It will not be possible to address everything, and some topics will be more interesting to some than others, because we are all different, but some candidates are power dynamics, able status and care, small or big personal development or change, long-lasting and/or unsolvable conflicts, scarcity of role models in poly or long relationships, changing intensity or attraction, autonomy and last but not least, aging.

This event is thought of as hands-on, with practical aspects taking priority over theory. Invited are all poly and non-poly living people with a respectful attitude and understanding the basics of polyamory as consensual informed non-monogamy.

The recordings will be available for streaming until December 31th, 2021 on our website. They are not downloadable.

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