September, 2020

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September 16 (Wednesday) - 20 (Sunday)

Event Details


QUEEROPE 2020 is a 5-day virtual conference for shibari/kinbaku/Japanese bondage that is exclusively by and for queer people and womxn.

We welcome all roles (rigger/tops, model/bottoms, switches etc.), all knowledge levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and all styles to this gathering that aims to bring queer & female identifying practitioners together to celebrate their love for rope and exchange knowledge and experiences.



– Addie & Barkas (Canada)

– Caritia (UK/Germany)

– Ceci Ferox (Finland)

– Gestalta (UK)

– Kanna & Kagura (Japan)

– Pauline Massimo (Spain)

– Shibari Entre Nós (Brazil)

– Sophia Rose (UK)

– Subay (Hong Kong)

– Tamandua (Sweden/Germany)

Get more info on the facilitators here


– 5 days of virtual workshops, performances, demonstrations, discussions etc.

– 4 x 2 hour slots per day

– language: English

– conference aims to be held from 2pm Berlin (5am San Francisco / 8am New York / 9pm Tokyo / 10pm Melbourne) to  8pm Berlin (11am San Francisco / 2pm New York / 03am Tokyo / 4am Melbourne) time

– classes will be recorded (only if the facilitator consents to the recording and only the facilitator will be recorded) and will be available for one 30 days after the conference for all attendees to watch/re-watch



Conference tickets are valid for one person for the entire conference and include access to the recordings of all classes for 30 days after the event. We have different kinds of conference tickets:

Regular ticket: 150 Euros

Supporter ticket: 200 Euros (The 50 Euros added onto your ticket will subsidize our solidarity tickets with 50 Euros. For each sold supporter ticket we will add a solidarity ticket to the pot).

Solidarity ticket: 100 Euros

Pay-it-Forward-Ticket: 150 Euro – You pay this ticket forward and a person that cannot afford a ticket will benefit from it and get access to the conference and the recordings on your behalf.


We will make single classes available for purchase at a later date. Singular classes will cost 15 Euros per person and give access to the recording of that class for 30 days after the event.



How do you define “queers & womxn”?

For us “queer” describes the full LGBTQIA+ spectrum and therefore any person who self-identifies as not cis-gendered and/or not heterosexual. For us “womxn” describes any person who identifies and lives as such. The „x“ in womxn is used to indicate that this word is not rooted in a biological determination of the concept.

I am not queer and not a womxn, can I still attend?

No, please respect that this particular event is not for you. There are lots of other events you can attend. But Queerope one is solely for queers & womxn.

I cannot afford the ticket but would love to join. What do I do?

Send us a message via If we have pay-it-forward-tickets available we will make it available to you. If we don’t we will put you in a waiting list or see what else we can do. Either way, we will find a way.

What platform do you use for the virtual conference?

We need to use Zoom as it is the only platform available that is affordable and stable enough for bigger groups. Please make sure you can fulfill the requirements for Zoom from your side to have a satisfactory experience.  We will do our best to make the zoom calls safe by engaging all possible security features. You do not have to turn your camera on and you can use any name you like.

The times don’t always work for me / I cannot attend everything I want…

That is why we will make recordings available to you, so you can watch & re-watch

If I share my computer with a person, is buying one ticket enough?

No. You are not paying for the computer access but for the knowledge that the facilitators and artists are distributing. Please respect that knowledge has a worth and should be compensated.

I am all alone at the moment and have no partner. Does it still make sense to participate?

Absolutely. There will be a variety of topics and skills and not all of them require a partner. You can learn a lot even just by listening and watching or trying things on yourself. We will also provide knowledge and possibilities for self-tying & suspension and other solo practices.



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