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Both, non-monogamous relationship styles and kinky practices are still strongly connected to sexual, rather than romantic, physical, emotional or aesthetic attraction. Even though the spectrum of asexuality has become more known, it is still often conflated with stereotypes and labels, such as celibacy or “hating to be touched”.

Additionally, as T.N. Rowan wrote in her article “Critical Reflections on “Ace of (BDSM) Clubs” and Linking Asexuality to BDSM: “Where are we Starting From?”  asexual individuals regularly get invalidated and labelled as sexual, when engaging into sexual practices. The conflation of sexual attraction, sexual desire, and general interest in sexual behaviour is still as common, as the mis-understanding, that asexuality itself represents a spectrum, varying in all three traits.

This discussion opens up the forum for exchange about the spectrum of asexuality and how non-monogamic relationships and kink can create a space to feel safe(r), and not even more marginalized than before.

How can non-monogamy and kink challenge asexuality and how can asexuality challenge non-monogamy and kink?
Poly, Kink & Asexuality invites its participants to exchange experiences, resources and practices for relationship and play negotiation, establishing consent and network.


This event is part of the “Love is Polytical” Conference for Ethical & Intersectional Polyamory/Non-Monogamy and can be purchased as a solo event or part of our day or full conference tickets. 


Event Details

Date & Time:  January 2, 2021, 2pm-3:30pm CET (Berlin time)

Format: discussion (virtual)


Language: English, translation into German can be provided

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What to bring: notepad, writing Material, resources, recommendations if you have any

Class recording: yes, will be available for 30 days to the participants of the conference.


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